Who we are

It says everyone has 2 lives, the second one starts when we realize that this lifetime, in the here and now is unique and unrepeatable.
I fully and completely deny the theory that we are just part of a mass and our lives are just consequences of a biological accident.
Anyone who lives believing that we are nothing more than flesh and blood, ruled by our mind pending and depending on external comfort and material pleasure…is denying half of its existence.
The mind is a beautiful servant and a dangerous master(Osho)
For years I lived ruled by my deeply damaged Ego, and each day that passed by my soul got shrunk and faded…
At a certain point, my body revolted and denied to “collaborate” with my will. My body, the sacred home of my Soul said No to my Ego. Denied to be used as a machine, as a playground for my Ego, and limited mind.
That was the point where my body started to introduce me step by step to my Soul and all the things beyond our physical perception, starting a journey to who I am. Who I was meant to be.
That was when my second life began. Eight years ago. Started as a battle between Ego and Soul, ended up as a dance, a love dance, full of passion and Love. Passionate tango ruled by love and light a beautiful balance of Soul and Ego.
An incredible journey, to remember. To remember who I am ❤

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Love Light Healing

Picasso said “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. “
We decided that our purpose is to share with everyone our gift.

2021 will begin with a beautiful collaboration between Lucia Pavlikova Coaching and Krisztina Konya – The road to success and Anna’s Drawing Art by hosting an online RETREAT.


January 16th and 17th 2021


We cannot wait to have you with us!!

What it is all about?

🍀2 days with us

🍀6 LIVE sessions

🍀Private Facebook community with access for next 30 days

🍀 Additional learning materials, meditations, hypnosis, and much more

🍀 After Q&A party at the end!


🔮 You will learn about connection between body, soul and mind

🔮 You will learn about resilience, how to process anxiety in these intense times, difference between emotions and feelings and how to deal with difficult emotions

🔮 Gain an insight into what is the relationship between perfection, imperfections, and what is the balance between the two

🔮 Discover about your own power and the concept of soul-purpose and life purpose

What else to expect?

🐞 Connect with each other

🐞 Let the beautiful positive energies flow


🐞 Tune in into a higher frequency because it will be divine!

And as we want you to come join us and also invite your friends and family, and have possibility to gift it, there is an Early bird possible at the moment!

Your investment: 77,7 GBP

You can book the retreat directly here:

You find the Facebook event at :

Any other questions?

Feel free to send me a private message.

I look forward to seeing you there!!

With love ❤❤❤

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86 400 reasons to smile ❤( written in 2019/ matching for all the time)


Time is our biggest treasure and using time the best way possible is the ultimate goal. These last few months shows me that those who knew me why they never doubt me. Now, in this city of everything, and altogether I finally get to realise that I am able to do anything. I finally get to know myself…and the power within me. This place teaches me each and every day. How to dare, how to ask. To focus on my goals, to really live and love each moment. To give love, show love and be in love with life…even more every day. It’s pushing me way out of anything what could be familiar or comfortable, and it’s the most amazing thing in the world. It made me realize how amazing and balanced are things in life…all good and bad things just leading us to the right path. Now I know, that within me I have all the tools I need in order to succeed. I am full of love and nothing can dim the light in me. The respect for life and the love what I have for it is my best fuel.
I am grateful and blessed …for each heartbeat. And I do give myself a big smile
I have my heart beating, my mind clear, and my soul shining in this human body of mine. And each day I have 86,400 reasons to smile and do my best.
And everyone has the same 86,400 seconds to make it the best out of it!
I found this quote on the other day, and I think is just the right one for everyone who has forgotten what is the most important in every day:
“Imagine this: If you had $86,400 in an account and someone stole $10 from you, would you be upset and throw all of the remaining $86,390 away in hopes of getting back at the person who took your $10?
Or move on and live?
Right, move on and live. See, we have 86,400 seconds each day. Don’t let someone’s negative 10 seconds ruin the remaining 86,390. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Life is bigger than that.”(Unknown)

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A gyógyulás művészete

Előző bejegyzésem magyar fordítását osztom ma meg veletek 😊😀 Igyekeztem a legjobban átadni az angolul írt szöveg lényegét.

A gyógyulás és önfejlesztés valójában egy magányos utazás. Akkor is ha van támaszod, és nem vagy egyedül, akkor is ha van segítség és útmutatás….a valódi munka belül zajlik….és ott bizony egymagad vagy. Magadban kell megtaláld a változáshoz szükséges akaratot, hogy akarj több lenni, és akarj gyógyulni. Belső magányban töltött idő, szembenézni az igazmondó tükörrel, egy görbetükör amelyet csak akkor észlelünk ha végre igazak és őszinték vagyunk saját magunkkal. A gyógyulás arról az egyről szól akik mi magunk vagyunk, nem másról. Egyediségünkben rajtunk áll felismerni a fájdalmat amely legyengít minket és feldolgozni azt.
Az önrendelkezés szabadsága, a szabad akarat a legfélelmetesebb eszköz amellyel az embei faj rendelkezik, mert akkor minden szó, minden gondolat és cselekedetért felelősséget kell vállalni. A szabad ember felelősséget vállal mindazért aki, álarcok nélkük, betanított ideológiák majmolása nélkül, más embereknek való megfelelési kényszer nélkül. Mer a lehető legjobb önvalója lenni. Mert tudja hogy embernek lenni nem a tökéletességről szól.
Véleményem szerint a művészet a szabadságról és a bátorságról szól. Szabadon használni a rendelkezésére álló eszközöket, bármennyire is korlátozottak legyenek a lehetőségek. Bátran próbálkozni és elbukni,  ha kell újrakezdeni…másképp, máshogyan sikerre vinni.
Az álarcok és túl-képzettségek versenyvilágában, bátorság kell ahhoz hogy megmutasd ki is vagy valójában. Az alkotás, a művészet…a lélek szabadon szárnyalása és kifejezése…Bátorság.
A művészet a szeretetről és a gyógyulásról szól. Gyógyír a túlfeszített elmének és alakoskodástól  fáradt léleknek.
Kellemes Vasárnapot kívánok mindenkinek.

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The Art of healing

Healing and self-development is a lonely journey. Inward. Even when you have people around to help and encourage you…the big work is inside…and there you are alone. You must find in yourself the will to change, the will to want to be more, the will to heal. It is alone time with the mirror of truth inside yourself, a mirror that reveals itself only when you are true and sincere with yourself. Healing is all about the one who we are. And we are One…and it’s on us to recognize the pain which keeps us down and to deal with it. The freedom is the scariest tool humankind is possessing because then all your words all your thoughts and all the work is your responsibility. Freedom is about taking responsibility for all who we are without masks, without taught ideologies, and without the will to please any other person. and daring to be our best possible. A person who knows that being human is not about being perfect.
In my opinion, Art is about freedom and bravery. Free to use the tools you have no matter how limited the possibilities are. Freedom to try and fail, do it again…In a different way and succeed.
In a world of masks and multitasks it needs bravery to show who you are. Making art…like letting your soul free and express in your unique way…It’s bravery.
Art is about love and healing, finding balance. Medicine for the soul trapped in the cage of an overwhelmed rational mind.

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A lélek játszik az idővel- The soul plays with time



The soul plays with time – it can compress eternity into an hour, or extend the hour into eternity (unknown). I have found this words while surfing on internet and made me smile.
If you ask people what is their most precious treasure in life you are going to get all kind of answers. Their children, their family, their honour, their health, their love, their house, their jewellery … If you ask me, I think our most precious treasure is TIME. Because we don’t know how much of it we have. We tend to live our human time as life is endless.
I was at beginning of my 30th when I started to consider time precious. It was “My time”. It was when my time started to be a priority. More. Time. More summer, more Christmas’s, more birthdays, hugs from friends, more love, more sunshine, more of the world.
Time. Time gives us all the sweet smiles and gently touches our souls! You need time to find your voice, you need time to realise you’re on the wrong path, you need time to change that, you need time to start being honest to yourself, you need time to dare to say out loud what you feel, you need time for wounds to heal, and you need time to dare to say I love you, you need time to live…to be alive.

It also takes time to realize you can’t miss the moment, the here and now is the real thing! You can’t change the past, the future is yet to come…. Is in the “Now” that you must be here with all your heart and soul. To live deeply all aspects of life. The everything. Brave to feel. Brave to love. 😊❤
All you have to do is say “Yes.” Even if you are dying of fear, even if you are sorry later, because whatever you do, you will be sorry all the rest of your life if you say no!” (G.G.Marques)

A lélek játszik az idővel – egy órába tudja sűríteni az örökkévalóságot, vagy örökkévalósággá nyújtani az órát.(ismeretlen)
Az embereket ha megkérdezik mi életük legdrágább kincse, sokféle válasz érkezik. A gyerekeik, a család, a becsületük, az egészségük, a szerelmük, házuk, ékszerük…
Szerintem a legdrágább kincsünk az IDŐ. Mert nem tudhatjuk mennyi van belőle. Hajlamosak vagyunk úgy élni mintha időnk végtelen lenne.
Harmincas éveim elején jártam amikor elkezdtem kincsként becsülni az időt, az Időmet. És megtenni mindent annak érdekébe hogy időt nyerjek. Még. Időt. Még egy nyarat, még egy karácsonyt, még egy szülinapot, még egy baráti ölelést, még szerelmet, még napsütést, még világot 😇❤
Az idő adja a mosolyokat melyek lelkünk símogatják, idő kell hogy megtaláld a hangod, idő  kell hogy ha rossz úton jársz, változtass, idő kell ahhoz hogy őszinte legyél, magaddal, idő kell a bátorsághoz hogy kimond mit érzel, idő kell hogy a sebek begyógyuljanak, és idő kell hogy ki merd mondani Szeretlek, idő kell ahhoz hogy megéld…az Életed.
Idő kell ahhoz is hogy felfogd, nem szalaszthatod el a pillanatot, az Itt és Most a lényeg. A tegnapon változtatni nem lehet, a holnap meg csak sejtelem. A Most az, amibe lenned kell szívvel lélekkel. Megélni.  A mindent. Bátran  😊❤
Gabriel García Marquez idézetét fűzném csak hozzá a fenti gondolatomhoz ☺ ” Mondj igent. Akkor is, ha belehalsz a félelembe, akkor is, ha aztán megbánod, mert azt is csak bánnád életed végéig, ha nemet mondanál. 😊

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There was a storm – one year ago (Blog-’19. September)


I wrote this one year ago. Re reading my own words, it really made me smile because during this year I did discover the power of infinite love within me 😇❤

“Out there, it looks like the storm of the century is holding you an amazing show…the walls are shaking under the power of the thunders .. you are sitting opposite the spacious balcony door and looking on it .You look stunned of how much power, what a great free will and energy is raging within that storm. The pure freedom. You are looking at it … and as it’s getting closer and closer you feel like all this it’s just for you …the storm is screaming with you, to you!! Look, how it looks like when energy runs “Free”! Look, how the “fearless” looks like!! See what all these years the fear has been buried into you!!! Look little girl and feel it!! While looking at me, you must know that You are Me….And I am You. Pure energy! Recognize Yourself! You are the same as I am!!! Braveheart! All Power and Energy! Lightning Will ! You are Love! You are Light! Cleaning energy! More than you ever dared to think about yourself!!! Do it! Take each and every step with bravery! And never forget that it is not the flesh … nor the mind …but your Spirit … Oh that Soul that God has planted into You … I am in that Soul and the whole Universe is in it too!!!
Feel it! Live it! Love it!

Egyszeecsak arra eszmélsz hogy ülsz…idegen ház, idegen emberek lakásában, idegen asztalnál…falatozol. Odakint mintha az évszázad vihara tombolna…remegnek a falak az égi viharban….ülsz szemben a tágas erkélyajtóval és nézed…. Nézed hogy mekkora erő…milyen lenyügöző akarat és energia tombol Benne. Nézed..és ahogy egyre közelebb érkezik …mintha csak neked szólna…veled űvöltözne …hogy Nézd milyen mikor “Szabad” az energia!!! Nézd milyen mikor nincs félelem!!! Nézd mi az amit eltemettek benned az évek…és a félszek!!! Nézd pici lány és érezd!!!
Nézd és tudd, Te Én vagyok és Én ilyen vagyok! Ismerd fel önmagad! Te is ez vagy!!! Rettenthetetlen! Csupa Erő és Energia! Villám szórta Akarat! Szeretet vagy! Több mint valaha is gondolni merted!!! Tedd! Tedd meg minden lépésedet! Bátran! És ne feledd soha hogy nem a hús…és nem az elme…A Lélek…Ó az a lélek amit beléd ültetett az Isten…a lelkedben vagyok Én és az egész Világmindenség!!! Érezd! Éld!Szeresd!

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The help, guidance, and light we were praying for, usually is arriving in interesting and surprising forms. Our “job” is to realize that we just got the help we were looking for!!! This is the difficult part of the story. To recognize. Because self-deception is a good old buddy of ours and we tend to live with it for a long time. The outside world doesn’t really care if you are doing something for yourself or not. Everyone out there is having a life going on. A life of their own.

We attract people. I think everyone arrives in our lives when it’s the right time. All those who are part of our lives for a longer or shorter period of time have an important role to play in our current level of existence. Interesting and valuable meetings are all those who arrive as curved mirrors of ourselves, pushing us towards, pointing out all “who” and “what” we are, without the icing. These people, I like to call them helpers, have arrived to encourage you to open your eyes. To help you see clearly. They highlight your strengths and weaknesses and confront you with all who you are. And that’s it! These people will never solve anything “for” you, they will not save or lead you by holding a hand. But they will definitely open a gate inside you. What you do with all that you find within yourself is all your business. You may choose to resist and swing yourself nicely in the old well-known patterns, or you grab yourself together and step one by one and evolve and start living and acting more consciously. Every choice you make is your responsibility. The curved mirror is useful only for those who are receptive and aware, and those who are able to silence that huge ego within, calm their mind and bring a better and more lovable self to the surface. The curved mirror is helping those who are ready, to be honest with themselves. Yes. Honesty again. You, again. Nobody else. Just yourself. Again. Always. In everything.

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Follow your Heart ❤️


If life is about following the heart, one should be aware of who’s heart and who’s dreams is actually following. Is it really it’s own heart’s voice or someone else’s?
From the early years as we grow up people slowly lose themselves. As we grow, step by step we forget who we really are. Family, society, church, school, expectations, mistreated and neglected genuine skills and aptitudes, silent traumas, secrets, and taboos are forming our personality, and change it in a drastic way. There are thousands of opinion-forming externalities and our worldview is influenced unconsciously.
And then when someone tells “just follow your heart” you don’t even know what that means. Because the dreams you started to chase years ago, they are not yours. They are not even dreams and have nothing to do with your heart’s deepest desire. They are all those good wishes, expectations, and hopes of others that you desperately want to satisfy, you want to succeed, and to achieve a certain level of recognition. To be loved and accepted. Brilliant from outside and slowly dying from inside. The hopes and dreams of others are unconsciously endorsed and accomplished.
And day by day billions of people are asking themselves why they are sick….
My question is to you, my dear. Are you following your own heart? Do you know your hearts deepest desire? Do you?

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About healing


We live a year when the whole world seems gone crazy, and everyone desperately tries to understand what’s going on.
A year when globally the security of having a stable and constant income has been practically erased from the everyday life of everyone.
A year where Fear has become the most common cause of actions and rules. Fear became the basic feeling of masses all around the world. This negative feeling lies in everyone. Maybe just a tiny spot in the corner of the mind or invading and paralyzing the person completely. It’s not the size of the feeling is what matters. The simple fact that it is there. That is existing. That is the main disease of the year 2020.
Its negative vibes are destructive. It goes against Everything that healing needs!  Healing lies in the human touch, in honesty and sincerity, in warm and caring hugs, in joy, in laughter, in communication and connection. Healing is in the sunshine and fresh air, healing is in art, music, creativity, joy of exploring new places, climbing mountains. Healing is dancing and enjoying the positive energy, feeling ourselves uploaded with positivity and Life. Healing is in Love and everything done with Love and Passion.

“Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Fall in love with the path of deep healing. Fall in love with becoming the best version of yourself but with patience, with compassion and respect to your own journey. “(s. mcnutt)

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