Heart may break. Unexpectedly. Again. And when this happens your whole world turns out of its corners. Literary all layers of your being are passing through unexplainable grief. And it doesn’t go away until you stop. Stop lying. To everyone and especially to yourself. The heart is smashed, when we are denying for too long the simple fact that it is Loving. It is the easiest collapse ever. Quick and natural detox of all that is not rooted in Love. A clear mirror, showing us that…yes there is Love. And it doesn’t require anything more than to be acknowledged and let it Live. It is Okay to Love. Just be. Love. And go on. Finding peace. In Love.

Acrylic painting “Sound”
2x 50cmx60cm

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Vakfolt gyógyulás

Szavak, mondatok mélyebb sebet ejtenek mint bármely fegyver.
Rég nem írtam.
Mármint de, csak nem osztottam meg. Senkivel. Hogyan is zajlik az élet. Milyen is az mikor érzel és tisztán, egyre tisztábban látsz és érzékelsz. Mindent. Mert a gyógyulás azzal jár. Hogy elkezdesz látni és érezni. Ahogy a falakból egyenként elbontod a téglákat úgy bugyognak ki a cellába zárt, furcsa dolgok. Vagyis idegennek tűnő, de valahogy zsigereidben ismert. Minden. Ahogy a Fény átjárja lényed rég elrejtett bugyrait életre kel benned. Minden. Eltűnik a zsibbadtságig fajult kibírokénmindentnyugodtanrugjálbelém. És helyet igényel. Az erő. A sebezhetőség. A bátorság. Az élet. A tudni, emlékezni akarás. A szeretet.
Ahogy eltűnik a fátyol, és elkezded élni a valóságot a sebeid szűrői nélkül.
Ahogy gyógyulnak a sebek egyre inkább kell a megbocsátást gyakorolni. Önmagadnak.
Ahogy a fátyol fellebben, állsz és nézed saját tükörképed és nem érted. Hogy tehetted? Hogy fordulhattál ennyire magad ellen. Miért Engedted? Miért Maradtál?
Aztán csak úgy be be villan egy egy jelenet, egy egy mondat…ami ismétlődő volt. És összezuhansz. Szó szerint kicsúszik a talaj alattad mikor rájössz hol a pokolba voltál, és mennyire elveszett, kétségbeesett és vakon megengedő voltál. Mert jobban “szerettél” mindenki mást, de elfelejtetted hogyan szeresd önmagadat.
Behunyod a szemed, csorog szemed sarkából patakokban a könny, ahogy visszamész minden egyes bevillanó emlékhez. Visszamész és megöleled az akkori önmagadat. Szeretettel. Kezedbe veszed régi arcod, saját szemeidbe nézel és kimondod. Szeretlek és megbocsájtok.
Mert tudom…mindig szeretetből fakadónak hittem. Mindent. A bántást. És a tűrést is. Mert hittem. Hittem a hazugságnak mellyel sebeim teletraktáltak. Hittem hogy ha jobban szeretek, majd viszont szeret. Hittem hogy amit élek az az igazi nagybetűs Élet, és harcolni kell érte. Foggal körömmel. Hittem. Vakon hittem hogy a szeretetnek fájnia kell. Kiérdemelni kell.
Hittem. A sötétségben.

Mert elfelejtettem ki vagyok.
Gyógyulni csak a Fényben lehet. A fényt meg választani Kell. Minden egyes pillanatban. Dönteni hogy miben hiszel! Fényben vagy sötétségben?
Dönteni kell minden nap. Miben hiszel?
Gyógyulni. Szeretni. Fénnyel.
Hittel. Szeretettel. Megengedéssel. Elfogadással. Megbocsájtással. Türelemmel. Bátorsággal.

Bridge of Light

While I hungered the love, the smile, the touch, and longing to hear that voice…I got addicted to the energy of the rejections.
Every time I’ve been denied and every beauty we shared has been dimmed with cynicism…that rejection was the fuel I used for growth, to overcome situations.
I took the walls you build and use them as bridges to reach a better version of myself, set goals, and fight to achieve them.
Every time I was out there in the Arena of feelings and emotions, without armor,  willing to share my love, every time standing there offering the purest essence of whom I am… After every lost battle, I collected the pieces of my Love, the ashes of my burned feelings, and used them to be reborn again and again into something better, stronger, wiser, with a Power that is growing infinite through the light and Love that shines from within.
Because this is who I am. More darkness you embrace, More light will find its way to grow within me! Pure Love.

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Art is limitless. And is meant for triggering. Emotions. Feelings. Thoughts. Provocating our mind to expand, and our senses to feel more. All sorts of things are hidden within us. And those things are asking awareness. An artwork that attracts our attention and makes us feel, is clearly a messenger. A wonderful trigger. But the feeling is in each person different.
Paying attention to that feeling is the start of a beautiful self-exploring journey. A journey that leads you to meet yourself ❤ Is the real homecoming❤

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I feel it.
Unpredictable as always. My heart runs fast, willing to jump out of my chest, riding into your arms…..
Every time you allow emotions to grow, I feel it. I feel your blood running wild in your veins. Every time you think of Me.
I know it.
I feel You.

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Hell does not exist

Hell does not exist.
Hell is only in the mind of people. Created by the damaged Ego.
Hell is being trapped in fear.
Hell is living in the illusion of separation.
Hell is being choked by low energies.
Hell is that greedy and needy hunger coming from forgetting how to connect to the Source of Love.
Hell is a fiction created by few for enslaving the masses through fear.
Hell is what One is creating for itself.
Hell is forgetting the connection to the higher self, and the ignorance about our wholeness.

Where there is Love, there is Light. And where is light….there Hell does not exist. And light is in everything!
With Love.

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The magic of silence

People usually don’t understand the importance of solitude. If you feel empty and tired of repeated cycles, go somewhere you can be alone. Healing and the beginning of a transformation are not in the noise. Be patient with yourself.  While you think you are losing your mind, trust in the feeling that you are finding your soul. To make the right choices in life, you have to get in touch with your soul. In the silence, you hear your truth and know the solution. Learn to stay in the heart core.
As Hemingway said “Go all the way with it. Do not back off. For once, go all the goddamn way with what matters.”

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Art and emotional intelligence.

Being able to recognize, name, understand and regulate our feelings and emotions is the Emotional Intelligence of a person.
Sensitivity is the basic quality that is essential in a healthy and compassionate society.
We must stop using “sensitive” as an insult or criticism.
Einstein said, The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.
In life, we are all taught and pressured to withhold or suppress emotions and not to listen to our intuition. However, this can have far-reaching and negative consequences. The true power is in understanding, feeling, and expressing our emotions.
It has never been a more important time to practice and learn about the symbiosis of emotions and our intuition. It will help not only the emotional well-being in life but also the relationships with others.

🎨Artworks are available for sale.
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No more knife

Wanting to heal, and to know real Love I demolished the walls built by my damaged Ego. Meanwhile, the same Ego of mine exchanged some of the bricks 🧱 for knives 🔪  Since then every time someone stabbed me, it was me giving the knife in their hands.
I will no longer give a knife to anyone to stab my heart ❤️
I ran out of knives!!!
And I will never run out of Love and Light!
I am Love ❤
I am Light 💫

🏖️ Artworks available
👉 Commission order book is open.
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If I choose someone else instead of me … In a way or another, I get hurt.
If I try to “save” those who don’t want to be saved, I am facing rejection and get bullied for my efforts.
Using Love language and express real Love in this world of shallow emotions I am labeled as crazy and weird.
A weak one would break, and hide. Build high walls and slowly die behind them….allowing the world to continue as it is.

I guess I’m not some kind of coward material, with a shabby Ego…. I’m not fearing Love. I’m not fearing the Light in a world where everything is collapsing under the weight of the darkness. I chose the Light even if it seems to be the hard way.
I guess I went through phases of self-development for being aware of what is to be expected. And to know how to go on every time when things go hard.
Loving Without expectations toward people, I can save myself from heartbreak.
Learning and mastering detachment…knowing that everything and everyone is temporary. Emotions, thoughts, people, and situations… Just go with the flow. Love anyway. Because that’s the right way.
Staying in my heart core, centering myself into Love and Light is what saved and will save my life.

“13 Menjetek be a szoros kapun. Mert tágas az a kapu és széles az az út, a mely a veszedelemre visz, és sokan vannak, a kik azon járnak.
14 Mert szoros az a kapu és keskeny az az út, a mely az életre visz, és kevesen vannak, a kik megtalálják azt. ( Máté evangéliuma)

Matthew 7:13-14
13Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.
14But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. “

🦋 Abstract Art: ” Verve”
🌺 Size: 50x70cm
🌟 Avaliable

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