Love Light Healing

Picasso said “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. “
We decided that our purpose is to share with everyone our gift.

2021 will begin with a beautiful collaboration between Lucia Pavlikova Coaching and Krisztina Konya – The road to success and Anna’s Drawing Art by hosting an online RETREAT.


January 16th and 17th 2021


We cannot wait to have you with us!!

What it is all about?

🍀2 days with us

🍀6 LIVE sessions

🍀Private Facebook community with access for next 30 days

🍀 Additional learning materials, meditations, hypnosis, and much more

🍀 After Q&A party at the end!


🔮 You will learn about connection between body, soul and mind

🔮 You will learn about resilience, how to process anxiety in these intense times, difference between emotions and feelings and how to deal with difficult emotions

🔮 Gain an insight into what is the relationship between perfection, imperfections, and what is the balance between the two

🔮 Discover about your own power and the concept of soul-purpose and life purpose

What else to expect?

🐞 Connect with each other

🐞 Let the beautiful positive energies flow


🐞 Tune in into a higher frequency because it will be divine!

And as we want you to come join us and also invite your friends and family, and have possibility to gift it, there is an Early bird possible at the moment!

Your investment: 77,7 GBP

You can book the retreat directly here:

You find the Facebook event at :

Any other questions?

Feel free to send me a private message.

I look forward to seeing you there!!

With love ❤❤❤

#lovelighthealing #retreat

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