Who told you?


Who told you that beauty must be perfect? It is the imperfection that makes us beautiful.

Who told you that you are too much of anything? Everything that you are, your wholeness, caught their eyes. You are not too much. They are not able to handle your wholeness. And that my dear is their problem, not yours.

Who told you that you are not enough? The ones who are always taking but unable to give anything?

Who told you to be like this or like that? Little bit less you, and a little bit more of somebody else! An illusion, a fake vision, the perfect picture in a stranger’s head?

Who told you that your dreams are too big and you should settle for less? The ones from the sofa with the brainwash box called tv?

Who told you that the world is a dangerous place, and traveling makes you homeless? The ones who never made one step to explore?

Who told you that love must be gained, and it’s a privilege of the lucky ones?

Who told you that love is just an illusion and cannot be found everywhere? The ones who never dared to find out that love is endless and without conditions?

You. You who dares to fight your own demons, the one who recognized the soul-killing old patterns, the wanderer, the doer, the brave one, the step outsider, the curious, the one with questions, the ones who seeks for answers, you who dared to love again even after being broken into tiny pieces, You my dear You are perfect just the way you are.

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